Your self-paced, Welcome Sequence course to build an email list of raving fans and paying clients!

Biz-defining question for coaches and service providers who want to TRULY grow and scale their business but still don’t have a profitable email list of engaged, ready-to-buy subscribers:

What’s the BIGGEST difference between a record-breaking, scaled to the nines, self-made business…

...and a stagnating “I guess this is it” bottom line that just never quite crosses into the threshold of truly passive income and those freedom-filled CEO days you deserve?

If you guessed,

“Social Media Strategy”’d be wrong.

If you guessed, “how much sweet cashola you dropped on your business coach”’d still be wrong.

And if you guessed many Instagram followers you’ve collected many bonuses you throw at leads during your launch many biz-boosting webinars you join or contacts you have in your Flodesk account…

You’d still be Kanye-taking-Taylor-Swift’s-2009-moment level wrong. 

Cause while all of these things have their place…

 They’re only part of the equation. 

 And unless you’ve tapped into some totally hush-hush Illuminati-level business secret that allows you to scale with fairy dust and literally apparate money into your Stripe account like Harry in Hogwarts…

Then the income and impact you’re working so tirelessly to scale will AT BEST come as a result of watching each and every day pass you by while you’re glued to your laptop wondering if you’ll ever get a chance to actually go outside and LIVE with the freedom you intended to...

...and AT WORST, explode into a ball of burnout that leaves you with biz-growth PTSD and scalability goals that never quite came within reach.


We’ve Reached a Customer-Connection Crisis

(...and hell no, this isn’t on you)

Let me know if this sounds familiar:

You started this whole business with a Beyoncé-level dream and a fully loaded playlist streaming through your AirPods full of “I’m building an empire” motivation.

And you knew the path to the top wouldn’t’ be *easy* but there sure as hell was a road to visibility to help you get there:

- Facebook -

- Pinterest -

- LinkedIn -

- Twitter -

...Oh and that little thing called Instagram


So, you jumped into the face-to-cam Stories and the idea that if you just showed up full force every day, warm leads would flood your DMs and skyrocket you to “scaled with ease” success.

You know what I’m talking about:

→ the almost daily mini-trainings

→  the must-give value-driven posts

→ and the constant nagging feeling in the back of your mind to never, EVER let that damn circle disappear from around your profile pic. 

And maybe you even took a leap of faith in that coach with a totally on-point social media strategy but completely dismal follow-through who ghosted you after only week two.

Plus, let’s not forget the literal decades spent just trying to make one damn reel on the ‘gram. 

You put on all the hats...and pretty much never take them off.

And then as time passed, you cued up your Grande Spiced Pumpkin Latte and got to work on your latest offer. 


  • 💃🏾  You were ready to make your dent.
  • ✊🏻  Follow in the success footprints of the boss CEOs at the top
  • 🎉  You had the perfect program, primed your audience on the ‘gram, lined up your bonuses, and scheduled your launch content.
Then, finally! After all your stress-inducing efforts, you were about to reap the oh-so-heavenly rewards.


 Cart - Is - Open!

And then…



Except those biz friends sending you all the comment love like…


“So proud of you! This is going to be AH-MAZING!”

“What a 🔥🔥🔥 offer!”

“If I needed this, I’d totally get in on it!”


But not a single person buys. 

And damnnnn if you’re not crossing all your fingers right now because this was supposed to be *the thing* to push you into the next level of your business.


3 hours until Cart Close

60 minutes

5 minutes...


And then, the clock strikes midnight; you pull your phone up as fast as you can (because maybe those notifications just weren’t coming through 🤷🏻‍♀️)

 ...and the only thing hanging in the balance on your screen is the first of many headache-inducing bills for the brand new Kajabi account you bought just to bring this dream to life and…

>>  a message from your mom asking how the launch went. <<


In that moment...

All you want to do is slip on your invisibility cloak and crawl into a dark entrepreneurial cave that you never have to come out from.

Because - and let’s be honest - there is no greater anxiety-inducing event for a business owner than a launch you spent months prepping for, one that should have led to scaling your product suite - to completely and totally f-l-o-p.


And it’s not that you didn’t have the right…

- Offer

- Social media strategy

- Or bonuses lined up for that last-minute FOMO and urgency


It’s just that you left your visibility up to chance. 


Because the launch plan you so carefully crafted was missing its most important ingredient...


... A warm and engaged email list. 

You know, pretty much the only thing that gives you direct communication with your leads.

Meaning you either launched to a list of totally stale subscribers you haven’t prioritized since last Thanksgiving, orrrrr you took your chances with an all public, social media promotion that left the fate of your *make it or break it* moment up to the damn Algorithm Gods.   

So all that prepping and priming of your audience was like doing a ‘throwing spaghetti at the wall’, see-what-lands income experiment. 

Want to opt-out of the customer-connection crisis?

'Cause girl, you freaking deserve it

You just want to be able to work on your business instead of in it. 

To be able to grow your income, expand your reach and know that you can promote an offer to a pool of warm leads pretty much whenever you feel like it. 

You deserve to step away from the hustle, put your phone on airplane mode and sit down for margs and tacos without thinking once about how your business is doing - or if you should keep your audience engaged and upload that Boomerang to the ‘gram.


You just want...

A simple yet strategic, way to grow a profitable email list with future buyers while you sleep. One that gives you:

→  A consistently engaged, connected audience

→  Warm ‘n’ Toasty leads waiting for your next offer

→  Those easy-peasy launches you’re dreaming of



My step-by-step guide that guarantees you’ll have a strategic, nurturing AF Welcome Sequence in as little as two weeks

→  so you can lay your email foundations and scale the easy way.


Ignite Your Inbox is a comprehensive, email copywriting course that will teach you my exact framework on how to create badass, goal-oriented nurture emails to onboard new subscribers to your email list so you create that tight-knit, ready-and-listening email community...


and rocket-launch your business growth! 

And the best part?

 It’s fueled by my signature IGNITE Framework, actionable Step-By-Step Lessons, Workbooks, Spreadsheets, Email Themeplates AND Templates -

- so you’ll not only create a rad AF sequence to welcome new leads to your list - but actually learn how to write totally kickass, personality-driven copy for those future must-sends.


In this course...

You'll Learn How To...


with bingeworthy emails tailored to nurture every new lead that enters your funnel.


with the click-inducing secret-weapon every great copywriter uses, and your go-to handbook of subject line formulas.


with emails that showcase your personality + leave your readers oh-so-totally vibing.


with on-point voice, flow, structure + design to enhance and support every piece of your copy.

Ready for your kickass email sequence?

Testimonial 1


Let's Deep-Dive the Goods...

Lesson One

The IGNITE Framework

This is where you’ll learn the exact framework I use with my 1:1 clients to craft a Welcome Sequence that truly works as a vital, automated, please-never-ever-leave-me, partner for your business.

Lemme break it down:

  • We’ll dive into the power of email and the big WHY behind your sequence. 
  • I’ll divulge the email trifecta - the 3 key ingredients needed for every kickass email recipe you ever want to cook up and share with subscribers. 
  • Learn the different components of my proven, step-by-step framework that’ll take you from having nothing at all in place to a fully fledged Welcome Sequence.

Lesson Two

Aligning Your Sequence

So this is where we really kick things off! You know where we’re headed, now it’s time to align your sequence with your no-dream-is-too-big vision. What we do here sets the foundation for everything we do. 

Here’s the dealio:

  • First, we’ll map out your next biz moves, big and small.
  • Next - and this is vital - we’ll outline how your welcome sequence will support that amazing vision of yours.
  • We’ll define the one overarching goal for your Welcome Sequence + any sub-goals you’d like to support (like growing your Facebook Group or increasing your social media following)

Lesson Three

Rad AF Research

By this point, we’ve identified the must-have biz-strategy behind your sequence, now we just to pair it with your ICA’s journey to have real email PURPOSE. Because remember, this whole ‘email thing’ is all about showing up to aid a prospect in need. We’re going to identify exactly what they need & how your sequence can support them.

Here’s how we’ll get you there:

  • Nail down your Ideal Client Avatar’s current state, where they want to be and what’s standing in their way.
  • Learn the top-secret copywriting research method to listen in on exactly what your prospects are saying about your product or service so you can optimize your copy with their exact language and make it like, hella resonate. 
  • Identify the most relevant talking points to use in your Welcome Sequence + pretty much all your other marketing, too.

Lesson Four

IGNITE Planning Bootcamp

You’ve set the foundation and now you’re ready to take things to a whole new level! 

This is where you get really hands-on and create a bulletproof foundation for each and every email in your sequence.

How the fun’s going down:

  • Here, you’re getting exclusive access to The Email Stash → My personal collection of engagement-boosting nurture emails to use in your own Welcome Sequence.
  • We’ll expand on your customer journey and hone in on the absolute best light-bulb moment you can give your subscribers.
  • Then, outline each email’s goal and supporting Calls to Action so you’ve got the *perfect* plan to create from.

Lesson Five

Your Personality Party

Now that you have your sequence outline in hand it’s time to get this writing-train moving! We kick this party off with how to keep your emails totally you and get readers nodding along like, “Yeah, she totally gets me.”

The juicy deets:

  • Discover the MAJOR personality-players that contribute to creating perfectly YOU emails. I’m talking must-haves like → Voice, Style & Tone.
  • Then we’ll jump into your own Personality Party where you’ll break down exactly how to let your sparkly AF self shine through in everything you send.
  • Plus, you’ll get a sneak peak into some of my best performing personality-driven emails and why the hell they worked so well.

Lesson Six

How To Write Kickass Emails

By this point, you’re already well ahead of the curve with your Welcome Sequence game. Now, that you’ve dialed in on exactly what you’re sending and how to let your personality shine through, you’re going to learn the secret sauce to whipping up truly kickass emails.

The Goods:

  • Learn the Almighty Rule of One that’ll take your emails to total Copy Queen status 🙌🏿
  • Then, steal my Top 8 secrets to Writing Kickass Emails that’ll have you feeling completely confident in every email you write.
  • Get a first-hand account of how to design your email copy for maximum impact. Trust me, this is one of the best kept copywriting secrets you never knew you needed.

Lesson Seven

Your IGNITE Writing Bootcamp

So this is where things get reallyyyyy fun 🥳

We’ve prepped, outlined and learned all the top email copywriting techniques. Now, we WRITE! Someone pop the damn champagne already cause by the end of this lesson, you’ll have your fully-written and completed WELCOME SEQUENCE!

How it’s going down:

  • Get a full breakdown of every email in The Email Stash.
  • Jump into the Over-The-Shoulder walk-throughs of every single email you’ve outlined in your sequence + all the extras included in the Stash (so you can use them long past your Welcome Sequence).
  • Then, you’ll put all your learned skills into action using the Themeplates and Templates to guide you. Seriously, you’ll never have that “What the hell am I supposed to write?” feeling AGAIN!

And you better start celebrating because you’re just one tiny step away from having a completed, droolworthy Welcome Sequence to send to your new subscribers.

Lesson Eight

Bingeworthy Subject Lines

HOLY FREAKING GUACAMOLE! You have your welcome sequence emails in hand, ready to go (and you’re feeling pretty freaking good right now 💃🏽). There’s just one thing left to do → optimize those subject lines, baby!

Here’s what this looks like:

  • Learn the ins and outs of The Open Loop copywriting technique (it’s pretty much the best way to entice readers in pretty much anything you write).
  • Plus I’ll share my Top 11 Go-To Subject Line formulas you can use now and always + my Top 5 tips for boosting your subject lines!
  • Then, after a quick sweep through your sequence draft, your subject lines will be optimized for ultimate enticement.

And voila! A kickass, completed Welcome Sequence to onboard new subscribers to your list and create that warm AF, high-engaged community ready to open, click and buy from you.

Plus, join today to get these AWESOME Bonuses!


Your Totally Technical Guide

Because what’s the value of an email sequence if you don’t know how the heck to get it up and running on autopilot?! Girl, I’m making this easy! In this bonus module I give you the lowdown on my top go-to email marketing platforms... 

Buttt I couldn’t stop there. 

→ I’ve also included 3 Over-the-Shoulder Tutorials where I’ll show you exactly how to set up your Welcome Sequence on 3 different platforms: ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign & Flodesk, so you can get up and running in as little as 30 minutes. 

Hell to the yes 🙌🏽

($97 value)


Getting Nerdy with Testing

The big ol’ question on everyone’s mind is → What’s a good open rate? How much engagement should I get from each email? And how can I grow my reach?!

We’re topping off your already badass (& totally comprehensive) Welcome Sequence course, with a Bonus module giving you all the juicy deets on exactly what success metrics to look for and how to go back and optimize your sequence as your business continues to grow. 

So YOU can learn how to bump those open rates from 35% to 45%, 50% to 60% and, well... you get my drift 😉

($97 value)


Nailing Your Lead Magnet

You know having a killer lead magnet in place can make or break your subscription rates, not to mention determine your entire Welcome Sequence strategy. 

So whether you already have a lead magnet or have nothing created just yet, this mother of all Bonus Lessons will give you *exactly* what you need to align your sequence for optimum funnel success.

Plus, it’s got all the things →  lessons, workbooks, and a 25 page editable Lead Magnet Template on Canva so you never have to start from scratch.

($157 value)


 (I just can’t help it 😆)


Donation to those in Need


Because social justice and female empowerment are just so foundational to who I am, I’m also donating a portion of all course earnings to KIVA, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering female entrepreneurs in poverty-stricken communities to build their own businesses. 

So our impact can go that much further.

Get in today and get instant access to...

The Email Stash

Written from scratch by a conversion copywriter, these are your go-to vault of nurture emails
(and probably the most valuable part of this entire course).


Stash Gif

Templates Included:

💌     The One with the Delivery

💌     The One with the Welcome

💌     The One with the Friends with Benefits

💌     The One with the Truth

💌     The One with the Helper

💌     The One with the Celebration

💌     The One with the Future

💌     The One with the Ask

💌     The One with the Personal Story

💌     The One with the Inside Scoop

...Andddd because the true power of writing copy that converts lies in creating bespoke, intentionally-crafted emails, I’ve included more than just 10 grab-n-go Templates...

You’re also getting access to 10 strategic Themeplates for each email in The Email Stash. 

That’s 10 Templates + 10 Themeplates so you can send nurturing, value-driven emails to your list, long past your welcome sequence. 

Uhhh - Krystle, what’s a Themeplate?

 Think 50% prompt and 50% template so you know what to write where,

and can craft your totally original emails with ease.

Ready to elevate your email game?

(I’m so excited to blow your mind 🤯)

  • 8 Core Modules (valued at $546)
  • 5 Planning Workbooks (valued at $135)
  • 20 Email Templates & Themeplates (valued at $397)
  • 2 Bonus Lessons (valued at $194)
  • 1 Bonus Lead Magnet Bootcamp (valued at $157)
  • 1 Charitable Donation to a Female Entrepreneur on

VALUE $1484

ONLY $497











What my clients have to say:

I believe in you + this course so much. Let’s do this.


The "Nail Your Welcome Sequence" Guarantee

I’m so passionate about helping entrepreneurs leverage the power of email that I’ve gotta be honest…

Blah just ain’t my thing. 

Not now. Not ever. 

So my promise to you is simple. 

Take the next 30 days.

If after completing the steps and utilizing the resources outlined in each lesson, you still don’t have a strategic, value-driven nurture sequence ready to send to new subscribers, just give me a shout and I’ll refund your investment.


I just wouldn’t feel right keeping it otherwise 🤷🏻‍♀.

Because, I believe wholeheartedly in the IGNITE Framework, and your ability to make an impact in your space by providing truly valuable emails to prospects looking to you for support. 

And on top of your full refund, I’ll even make an extra donation IN YOUR NAME to to make up for the hassle.


You read that right. I believe in this course so much that I’m committed to paying it forward if ‘Ignite Your Inbox’ hasn’t delivered on the promises I’ve made.

The first best time to start your email list was Day ONE of your business. The next best time is abso-freakin-lutely TODAY.



I'm Krystle.

When I’m not cuddling my cat Luna, or rewatching Harry Potter for the 19th time…

I’m working behind the scenes to craft high-converting, personality-bursting emails for 6 & 7 figure female entrepreneurs - so they can expand their reach, income, and impact.

But in case you’re wondering…

Why me? Why Email? Why ‘Ignite Your Inbox’?

Here’s the deal.

When I started my business in early 2020 I had nothing but 50 random followers, 0 paying clients and a laptop with about 5 broken keys.

In my first month in business, I made Email my strategic, supportive partner. 

Armed with nothing but a badass, value-driven Welcome Sequence, I grew my list into 98 beautiful subscribers, promptly turning them into my first 5 paying clients and launching a snowball of high-ticket 1:1 clients that come to me time and time again through my email list. 


And - if you’re ready for it - here’s where I plan on taking you and your biz:

    • To having your basic email funnel set up and automated
    • To having an engaged pool of warm leads on your list 
    • To having the skills and knowledge to craft compelling email copy
    • To having an avenue to scale your business with future launches + evergreen funnels

Whether you haven’t dabbled in email for your biz just yet or have been playing that not-so-strategic email game...

*Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone 🤫

Here are 3 ways Ignite Your Inbox will change your biz for the better



Go from having an “Is this good enough?” or totally nonexistent Nurture Sequence in place...

...To having an automated, strategic series of emails running BTS to ensure that every single lead onboarded to your list is treated like the damn goddess they are.

Go from those hair pulling, “But I’m not a copywriter!” email meltdowns...

...To feeling equipped with everything you need to send value-driven, personality-popping emails to your list, for eva eva.

Go from “Will anyone even buy this?!” complete launch overwhelm...

...To feeling 100% confident in not just your next upcoming launch - but every single one that comes after it - knowing your subscribers have been primed and loved-on from the get-go.

You definitely want this if...

  • You’ve thought about (or even tried) creating your welcome sequence but get overwhelmed or just don’t know where to start - (Let me introduce you to my little friend, → The IGNITE Framework)
  • You fantasize about scaling your biz to live with like, all the freedom - (Hint: Email is the first prerequisite to scaling, baby)
  • You get totally bogged down with what to write and how to write it - (I’ve got you with 20 Templates & Themeplates 😉)
  • You know you’re going to start email marketing for your business at some point - (Did you hear me last time? The first best time to start your list was Day One, the next best time is today.)
  • You feel totally and utterly not like a copywriter (and you aren’t ready to outsource this job) - (Pssh - Meet Lesson 6: How to Write Kickass Emails)
  • You’ve lost faith in Instagram’s algorithm and are tired of that IG grind - (Say hello to direct communication with your audience like, whenever you want)
  • You love the idea of creating something once, setting it on autopilot, then sitting back while you reap the benefits - (Yep, that’s pretty much my fav part, too)
  • You don’t want to figure out all that techy-stuff - (Breathe easy with my simple over-the-shoulder tutorials)

No more struggling. No more worrying. No more wasting time.


This isn’t for you if:

You’re not a coach, course creator, or online service provider

You don’t want to build your email list

You aren’t looking to scale up with future offers + promotions

You aren’t serious about mapping out a strategic AF Welcome Sequence

You don’t care about nurturing new leads

You wanna sit on the IG struggle-bus indefinitely

Ready to get off the email struggle-bus?

(Cause, girl I'm making it easy 😎)

  • 8 Core Modules (valued at $546)
  • 5 Planning Workbooks (valued at $135)
  • 20 Email Templates & Themeplates (valued at $397)
  • 2 Bonus Lessons (valued at $194)
  • 1 Bonus Lead Magnet Bootcamp (valued at $157)
  • 1 Charitable Donation to a Female Entrepreneur on

VALUE $1484

ONLY $497











Feelin' a lil' like Monocle man?  🧐

I Got You...

By the end of Ignite Your Inbox, you’ll have a personality-poppin’ sequence that’s strategically aligned to both your customer’s journey and your upcoming business goals. 


So you can create a warm and engaged email list that you can pull outta your back pocket and promote to whenever the heck you want 🎉


Still humming and hawing?

The way I see it you’ve got a few choices...

A)  Push your Welcome Sequence off until next quarter, next year or the year after that until (and let’s be honest) you’re kicking your past self for not having prioritized the power of email 2 years ago. 

B)  Take a stab at crafting a bespoke sequence on your own - without the copywriting lessons, insider knowhow and duhhhhh - Prompts, Formulas, Templates & Themeplates.

C)  Decide right now, today to start harnessing the power of email for your business. Master your Welcome Sequence and cultivate that warm, engaged community of subscribers that are ready to open, click and buy whatever you wanna throw at ‘em. 


So, what’ll it be, CEO?