Day Rate Genius Masterclass

A 2-hour webinar teaching service-providers and consultants how to launch high-ticket, VIP Day Rates to sky-rocket your income and lessen your workload in 2021.

Say no more, I'm in!

You *know* the amount of energy you’re putting into client projects is far greater than the income you’re getting out…

You’re living under an endless pile of client work with enough on your to-do list to last you a lifetime.

Reminding you of ALL THE THINGS you’ve got on the docket each day:

→ Managing Your Clients

→ Talking to Prospects

→ Tediously working through strategy + processes 

→ Inhaling a whole buncha Zoom OVERLOAD

And Duh → Dedicating endless hours to client projects


>> It’s a hell of a lot to sit under <<


And leaves pretty much no wiggle-room for YOUR business growth.

If you’re anything like me, you started your business for MORE.

To wake up and spend the morning with your yoga mat and a chai tea. To leave the hustle of your 9-5 and find a place of happiness, peace, and abundance.
You started your business to be free.

Free to choose how you spend your time: whether on your next needle-moving, big-biz step, a dreamy Wednesday morning lie-in, or jet setting to Bali for a long-weekend.

Free to choose your opportunities, to not feel obligated to take a project because, well…#incomegoals… but to take a project because it lights you up.

Free to choose how to structure your income, and prioritize time spent *on* your business instead of working *in* it.

And yet somehow, you ended up with a one-way ticket on the service-provider struggle bus.

The real reason you’re drowning in client work?



>> You haven’t yet seen an alternative <<


And being stuck under endless client to-dos seems like the only way to structure your business.


But the truth is, you don’t have to spend 90% of your time on client projects and only 10% of your time on *your* business. 

...Waiting for that far-flung day when you’ll *finally* have a spare minute to focus on scaling to new heights.


-  NAH  -


You can structure your offers in a way that gives you complete freedom.


So you can spend as much - or as little - time working on your business as you’d like and start generating a sustainable, goal-crushing income, month after month.



Day Rate Genius Masterclass

A 2-hour webinar teaching you how to uplevel your product-suite with a new, high-ticket Day Rate offer in just 2 hours flat - so you can sky-rocket your income and lessen your workload in 2021.

Join me for 120 incredible minutes of all things VIP Day Rates where you'll learn exactly what you need to do to start offering this high-ticket service as soon as tomorrow.

From the big picture to the nitty-gritties, you'll learn: structure, process, deliverables, sales calls and duh → premium prices.

I know what it feels like to...


Be an overworked, underpaid, and utterly exhausted service provider.


To be so stuck in the constant cycle of client calls, projects, and procedures that you don’t have a spare second to think about growing your own business let alone planning for true scalability.


>> It’s exhausting and just damn debilitating <<


But it’s not the only way.


Imagine instead…



Working just 4 days a month on client projects. 


→ Imagine waking up to an alarm-free, client-free day with the freedom to work on those needle-moving projects for your own business


→ Imagine having the time (and energy) to create passive products and listen to the Stripe notifications roll in while you're chillin' pool-side


→ Imagine making 10k+ months from one high-ticket, low-time-investment offer

And quite literally doing whatever the hell you want for the rest of your time 🙌🏽


It’s time to rocket-launch your income (and work a hell of a lot less) with supercharged VIP Day Rates 🥂
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In this Masterclass you’ll learn…


What service(s) in your biz are perfect for Day Rates

So you can align your offers to the perfect balance of what you love and your clients need.


How to integrate Day Rates into your product suite

So you can structure your business around your life and not the other way around.


How to structure your Day Rate for premium pricing

So you can hit those big income goals and get more freedom back in your day to day.


How to master your Day Rate Process

So you feel confident AF in your rates, offer, and service provided.


How to deliver an exceptional VIP experience

So each and every client experiences a totally white-glove VIP experience (and brings in referral after referral).


How to nail the high-ticket Day Rate Sales Call

So you show up like the expert you are and lock in VIP project after project.

Hi there, I’m Krystle Church

I’m a full-time world traveler, Email Expert, and Business Mentor who helps female entrepreneurs build and scale the business of their dreams so they can live wildly free.

In just a handful of months, I built an in-demand, sustainable, and highly-profitable service-based business while only spending 3 days a month on client work…

And I’m here to teach you to do the same 🌴

"Krystle is INCREDIBLY generous with her knowledge.

I can’t think of another training where I got so much actionable info in such a short amount of time. In the space of an hour, I was ready to start selling a new service. I knew exactly how to structure, market, and price a Day Rate including what the deliverables looked like and how to nail the sales call.

Krystle, you have literally shaped my business and I love you for that!"

Mirna Segal
Conversion Copywriter

Day Rate Genius Masterclass is perfect for beginner-to-advanced Service Providers, Strategists, and Consultants like:

→ Graphic Designers
→ Copywriters
→ Photographers
→ Bookkeepers
→ Accountants
→ Social Media Managers
→ Online Business Managers
→ Video Editors
→ Virtual Assistants

Let’s take a peek at The Goods:

('Cause girl, this ain't your Granny's Masterclass)

120-Minute Masterclass 

Uplevel your product suite to create space for more freedom and income in your life - in just 2 hours flat with this value-packed recorded Masterclass training.

Lifetime Access

You'll get lifetime access to the reply, and top up on your Day Rate Genius with all future updates, too.

Day Rate Strategy Workbook

Get strategic about your offer, deliverables, marketing, and high-ticket price-tag for optimum growth in 2021.

Day Rate Workflow Planner

Feel confident in your processes and nail your SOPs so you can treat every single client like the VIP they are.

Day Rate Application + Follow-Up Email Template

Be intentional about your inquiry process (and know exactly what to say) so you can nail the sale every time.

Day Rate Genius Calculator

Take the pressure off knowing exactly what to charge with this fully customizable calculator that takes into account your industry, results, and the expertise you bring to the table.

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And Lifetime Access to all Updates + Resources

A 2-hour webinar teaching service-providers and consultants how to launch high-ticket, VIP Day Rates to sky-rocket your income and lessen your workload in 2021 🥂



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"I landed a set of FOUR Day Rate projects within a week of taking the Masterclass!


But more than that, I felt confident about my work and how to offer value to my clients. I was so surprised by how practical it was. Krystle was VERY prepared and over-delivered on everything she said she would, included practical ways to make Day Rates a reality, not just something I hope to do one day. "


Corrie Myers
Web + Email Copywriter

This Masterclass is a can’t-miss if:


You’re Tired of the Daily Grind

And you want to finally get out from under that endless pile of client work


You’re Ready to Make More While Working Less

And enjoy the freedom of time and energy Day Rates provide.


You Want to Prioritize the Growth of Your Own Biz

And bring sustainable high-ticket income in month after month.

Work Less, Scale More


It's time to get out from under that pile of client projects once and for all 🙌🏼

Snag Your Seat to the Masterclass Now

If the idea of working just a few days a month on high-ticket offers (so you can spend the rest of your time however the hell you’d like) lights you up inside, this Masterclass is for you.

Plus, never worry about what to say on your high-ticket sales calls again with this 🔥 Bonus

The Savvy Day Rate Sales Call Script

Your go-to guide to master your high-ticket sales calls with ease.

In it you’ll get the exact sales call script I use to sign high-ticket Day Rate clients on repeat. Plus, strategies I use for closing the sale + dealing with objections. So you can sign your first (and next) VIP Day Rate client with ease.

What it’s like to work with Krystle

I had heard of the impact Krystle had made on her clients, but I had never *seen* it. Watching my community members + clients deploy what they learned from Krystle and see results almost immediately was truly incredible..

If you’re not sure about joining Krystle’s Masterclass, get off the fence...and FAST.

Every day you wait to work with Krystle is a day you don't have the easy, streamlined strategies that will take your business to the next level.

Grace Blacksea, Founder of The Quench Collective

Krystle is a wealth of KNOWLEDGE.

Seriously, she's a power-house. And that mixed with her thoroughness to get down into the nitty-gritty and do her work with a spirit of excellence - well, I recommend Krystle all the time and will NEVER stop.

She paints a picture of transformation and then gives her audience easy steps to implement that give them results, fast. Krystle brings MAJOR value to any project she touches!

 - Tirzah Cave, Founder of Tirzah Cave Coaching

Ready to take your business to the next level?


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Does this include a recording?

Yes! When you purchase you'll get instant access to the DRG recording, plus all resources + all future updates!

What if I don’t know what to offer my clients for a Day Rate?

That's exactly what we'll cover in the Masterclass! You’ll learn how to narrow down on that perfect-fit Day Rate offer and structure it to deliver mega value in a small amount of time!

Do I have to offer Day Rates only?

The beauty of Day Rates is you can structure them as a piece of your existing product-suite or as the only service on offer!

We’ll cover everything you need to know to get your Day Rates up and running as soon as the very next day!

Wondering if your clients will love Day Rates as much as you will?

Don't take it from me, take it from them.
(You know, the ones who keep coming back time and time again 😉 )

Join the Masterclass now and level up your business for maximum impact and income in 2021 🥂


Hell yes, sign me up!

"Krystle over-delivers in this Masterclass!

You'll learn so much more than you think you're signing up for.

If you want to have more flexibility in your schedule without compromising the quality of your services, this is the best investment you can make in your business."

Kamyla Andrlik
Graphic Designer